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Read The Full Story »With the Uptown String Band entertaining with its meticulous choreography and colorful sequined costumes, the East Norriton holiday parade crowd may feel like New Year’s Day has arrived a little earlier than expected this year.

Read The Full Story »When Megan Flaherty joined the Duffy String Band at age 10, she was too small to carry her bass drum.

The New Year’s Day parade is a 118 year, unique Philadelphia tradition that is pure fun, enjoyment, and folk art, has withstood the test of time because of the strength of the diverse communities the mummers represent.

All Mummers leadership has received special training on appropriate satire.

However, after movement to demand compensation and redress for this injustice developed in the 1980s, many felt a newly resurgent sense of being Japanese American as they united to fight for an official apology and reparations from the federal government.

Also, many Japanese American children who were born after the end of the war felt a resurgent sense of Japanese American identity after learning about their parents' imprisonment experiences and identifying with their history of perseverance and strength.

This is illustrated by the natural instinct to favor one's kin or co-ethnics over non-kin and non-ethnics.This idea about resurgent ethnic identity is sometimes represented by the famous quote "What the father wishes to forget, the child wishes to remember." On the other hand, emergent ethnic identity involves the creation of new forms of group identity due to the convergence of particular circumstances.More specifically, because of demographic changes or competition and conflict with other groups, a new ethnic identity based on group solidarity and similarity of experiences might form.Read The Full Story »The Mummers may get the spotlight on New Year’s Day, but December belongs to the man in red. Read The Full Story »Tomorrow, unless officials change plans due to weather, Fralinger and several other bands and brigades will parade down Broad Street in Philadelphia for the 118th Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day. Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade has been named America’s No.Read The Full Story »Finding the true source of how the Mummers Parade began is as complicated and elusive as reloading the SEPTA Key. 1 Holiday Parade by USA Today’s Reader’s Choice 2017.

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We encourage all those who will be participating in the New Year’s Day Parade to watch these videos and let’s make this year’s parade the best ever!

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