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The Statement of Ownership average for this year that'll be published next year was almost 240K, better than the older second-tier Spider-books Web and Spectacular, and then the average for 1992 will be over 350K, and it'll remain over 300K the next year too.You can see Ghost Rider's brief heyday for yourself here: much these numbers were inflated by crossovers and Marvel's business practices isn't clear, but Marvel will launch a Ketch/Blaze team-up book in 1992 as well, and later give him a 2099 title.Amazing Spider-Man #344chris: I like Cardiac too, but unlike the X-Men (which I don't really read so by all means someone correct me if I'm off base here), Cardiac is willing to kill (and has done so), so long as he thinks said person being dead fulfills his definition of justice.In fact, that's usually a conflict he has with himself: contrasting Cardiac's belief that killing is sometimes necessary with Dr. Punisher #47-48I really hate the scene where Frank calls Micro "paisano." It just seems wrong and out of character. "Rose kills Saddam Hussein." Which she is able to do without consequences because she is a Punisher character.I can't remember the original Longshot mini making her identity a mystery in any way, she was simply Mojo's henchwoman. New Mutants #77-80,82-85Yeah, personally at this point, bring on Leifeld.If nothing else, at least there will be some consistent art.

Wanted by the authorities, he reunites with a hip American journalism student and attempts to persuade her to run away with him to Italy.

The guy who emphasized that he didn'the want to treat his charges like mere foot soldiers is now doing just that? It'seems funny because, as mentioned when NM #87 was reviewed, I mention that I at first thought Cable was "Teh Awesome!

" Yet little under a year later, I concluded he was on each of the worst thing about comicsand loathed him (and X-Force) with passion.

One gets the sense that Tom De Falco or someone felt the need to "prove" that Marvel could create a succesfull new character without Stan Lee and without Jim Shooter.

Even if it meant promoting the beejezus out of utterly mediocre, aimless characters such as the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider.

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