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This will be my final update on this post (really!!), since the discussion seems to have reached a point where not much progress is being made, and since I’d like to oblige the commenters who’ve asked me to change the subject.Now imagine that closer examination of the clinical trial revealed that it showed nothing of the kind: it compared against the wrong drugs.And imagine that a more relevant clinical trial—mostly unmentioned in the press—had been done, and discovered that when you compare to the right drugs, the drugs do better.I left without asking questions, not wanting to be the one to instigate an unpleasant confrontation, and—I’ll admit—questioning my own sanity as a result of no one else asking about the gigantic elephant in the room. Among the many interesting comments below, see especially this one by Alex Selby, who says he’s written his own specialist solver for one class of the Mc Geoch and Wang benchmarks that significantly outperforms the software (and D-Wave machine) tested by Mc Geoch and Wang on those benchmarks—and who provides the Python code so you can try it yourself.

The quantum Monte Carlo code, which Alex Selby has a detailed new post summarizing his comparisons between the D-Wave device (as reported by Mc Geoch and Wang) and his own solver—finding that his solver can handily outperform the device and speculating about the reasons why.Instead, Mc Geogh used the time to enlighten the assembled experts about what quantum annealing was, what an exact solver was, etc.etc., then repeated the speedup claims as if the more informative comparisons simply didn’t exist.Did it make business sense for Google to buy a D-Wave machine? Should have acted differently, in my interaction with Mc Geoch?And, I’m afraid to say, I jumped in to the discussion of all of those questions—because, let’s face it, there are very few subjects about which I don’t have an opinion, or at least a list of qualified observations to make. It would have been better to sidestep all the other questions—not one of which I know the answer to, and each of which admits multiple valid perspectives—and just focus relentlessly on the truth of assertion (*).

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Even if not, isn’t it possible that the startup will manage to develop an effective gene therapy sometime in the future? And anyway, at least they’re out there to make gene therapy work!

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