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Weather you believe him or not you can't tell me you don't hear the influence of psychadelics in this [email protected] (2 posts down) - I think that if someone were a true fan, they wouldn't be able to name their favourite song.I have a new "favourite" every day, and it all depends on the mood I'm in.It cuts it down to about 2 minutes of na na na na...The song was not at the time THE longest but the SECOND longest, with "Mac Arthur's Park", then still in the charts [fall 1968] at being the long.Also, from one post down, you need to learn more about Lucy, because that song is NOT about LSD! I hate it when someone makes a comment on a subject about wich they know nothing .I also think that those whos' favorite Beatles song is Hey jude are not real Beatles fans. Just because the Beatles smoked pot [and who in the music industry does not?A brick was thrown through the store window before the words could be cleaned off and the misunderstanding straightened out." The Love You Make : An Insider's Story of the Beatles Does anyone know what the sound in the background at on the Love version is?

On September 8th 1968, the Beatles performed "Hey Jude! This song is very frequently mentioned in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, first in The Gunslinger, and then in The Drawing of the Three - the song is either played on the honky tonk, or sung by the characters as a means of passing the time or connecting one world to another. As for the people who said that anyone who says this is their favorite Beatles song is not a true Beatles fan, that's ridiculous.Just becuase a film uses a line with is the same as some song you heard, doesn't mean that the writers were thinking of 'Hey Jude' You read a bit too much into this stuff, lol. The Beatles were much better musicians and singers than these old farts could ever dream of being. We all need to get a life for taking ourselves and this song too seriously! Lennon (who sucked at softball) was in the dugout and they were trying to psyche out the opposing team's pitcher whose name was (of course) Jude.The Beatles music is enjoyed by every generation since they began. He and Ringo got a chant going ("HEY JUDE, HEY JUDE!") that so unnerved the pitcher, that he walked the winning run it. Lennon was a dope smoking hippie that couldn't hit a slowball to save his life."To K nowhere , ON I do agree with you about favorite songs.Regarding Lucy I realize Lennon said he got the idea from his sons picture.

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