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Such as those involving those incest phone sex fantasies you've been having. Nothing like a hot teen phone sex session with one of our young nubile girls. What about something so Taboo that you find it hard to explore?Our Ladies are very knowledgeable And are ready to serve you up a hot Adult Phone Chat fantasy. Let's see what we can do for you in a hot Taboo Phone Conversation. 'Guy's definitely no weakling and he'll give you a run for the money.' 'Hah! 'That, I'd have to see.' Guy held up his hand but Cani stepped in front of him. They kept them away from him for now so he could prepare for the run in relative peace. Ara gave him a wink and Avia a quick wave when they saw he was looking at them. They rushed along the path but despite it being narrow the bear didn't give up, running and growling right on their heels. 'Very sweet.' 'I'll have to try those later then.' Guy said. When they arrived at Cani's parents they were met with more sniggering. Guy read the headline together with Tobias, "Interspecies Conflict Resolved", "Both Lost Big Time". 'He'll participate and when he's beaten you, you will eat your words.' 'Okay then, bring it on! Every generation was present from older children to older folk. A few people from the local press were talking to Cani and Feli. ' Tobias said and sprinted with the bear close behind him. 'Then repeat it when I felt better.' 'These bloodberries are edible too.' Tobias said. 'I will.' The other girls woke up and all kissed him before going down to Cani's parents. 'I hope I'm busy during the next marathon.' he said, trying to get his muscles to move without too much protests. Something involving the least amount of body movement. 'You're famous now.' said Ara who handed him one of several newspapers. ' *** The organisation loved the idea and the news that a human would participate in a canine event for the first time brought in a lot of attention and sponsor money for the cause. 'Cani started it.' 'You sure have been training a lot during these five days though.' she said, checking the sports bag with supplies. ' said Tobias, the hairs in his neck standing up when he thought he could feel the bear's breath touching his back. 'You know, I don't trust these things much.' 'But there aren't any other signs around.' Tobias said. Maybe someone put those hives there after the route had been set up.' 'Maybe.' Guy said but he doubted it.'finish.., line..' 'I'll..,' wheezed Guy at Tobias's side. 'The route.., is marked..' he panted and looked at the sides of the path. ' Tobias looked around and couldn't see any, but he spotted a sign a few metres from the entrance of a cave. 'We probably need to go in there.' 'Right.' Guy said, still looking around. 'It's just, not what I'm used to with our marathons.' 'You're in Canine territory now.' said Tobias. ' 'I still say something's-' Guy said when they heard a growl. 'We made it.' 'Yeah.' said Tobias, his nose itching and his ears stinging from the squirrel bites. Seems we're still the first.' They jogged on a little further, then were off with all the strength they could muster. And here I thought I'd kept the tell to a minimum already.The (perceived) difference in overall size alone would make for some interesting physical contortions and configurations.

Since she has the most divergent physical form from the others, I can't help but wonder exactly how they do it.

With an embarrassed soft groan he drank the rest of his water. 'Don't trip over your own tail.' said Guy sideways while trying to keep a cheerful look on his face. Another roar sounded and the head of a big brown bear appeared from the cave entrance. 'I agree.' said Tobias and they scrambled towards the edge of the clearing. 'Ah, these have-' Tobias started when the ground underneath their feet suddenly gave way. 'You wanted to say these bushes have thorns too, right? 'You're the talk of the day now.' Cani's father said with a grin.

He gave them a smile and wave back, then noticed a couple of the older female runners watching him and sniggering. The organisation had put him at the front to give the press some good pictures. 'Raspberry bushes had plenty of fruit, but if the outside of the bush had nothing left there was more on the inside if you could live with the drawback.' 'What drawback? 'They're full of nasty thorns.' Guy said, remembering how painful some days had been. A reporter who was at the finish line of the kids marathon had overheard their recount of their adventure and wrote it down.

'before.., you..' The two slowed down to walking speed, then trudged for a short distance before slowing down to a crawl and crash another moment later against a thick tree on the side of the path. 'There..' He gestured with a tired swing from his arm. Before others catch up.., and see us..' Tobias nodded in agreement and leaning against each other they staggered forward, overlooking the sign they had just passed that warned about the dangers in the forest in the direction of the red arrows, and the green arrow from the marathon route just in front of it that pointed to the path to the right. 'It's always simply follow the arrows.' He grinned. 'You know, I had expected to see at least some people along the route.' 'Afraid to run the track alone? :-p But I expected to do a revision of volume 2 after it had been out for a while anyway so maybe I can fix it in rewrite.

They tried to catch their breath and ignore the numbness in their legs for a while before Guy had the energy to see where they were. 'Arrow..' Guy saw the red arrow on a short pole a little further and nodded. It took a while but eventually both Tobias and Guy regained their normal running speed and called a truce. 'There.' said Tobias and nodded towards a red arrow. ' asked Guy when he saw it was a small path leading into a darker part of the forest. 'Maybe they decided to make it more interesting and add in a little cross country? 'If this is too much for you you can always give up and wait for the rest.' 'You wish! The path ended up at a clearing next to a low hill and they slowed down for a moment. Although it's a bit more difficult for the events in this episode.

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'Morning, lover.' she said and gave him a long kiss. 'I only did a marathon during my last year in school. 'Having a human run in it for the first time will make for great publicity! Tobias sped off at once but Guy didn't give him the chance to gain a lot of distance on him. ' Tobias said when Guy caught up to him and increased the pace. 'You.., first..' panted Guy, forcing himself to keep running. 'I think I'm less enthusiastic about trying these berries now.' Guy said. 'Laughter really brings people together.' Tobias and Guy groaned as they sat down at the table to eat, moving the jars of bloodberry jam and honey far away from them. :-) I do visualise a lot when I write, my brain is wired to do that about anything that I need to think about, so most of the scenes do play out like a comic book or animation in my head since it's fits the theme and type of series this is.

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