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The following season, Bergkamp became a regular for Ajax, winning the Dutch league in 1990, the UEFA Cup in 1992 and the KNVB Cup in 1993.

According to the forms I have seen, I will be the sponsor of my child and not my fiance. Dear Annelies, I will have a master degree by the end of this year, and I'm planning to apply for the one year job seeker visa, what do I need to do to get this visa, and with this visa can I work without a company requesting a work permit during the period of the visa? Kind regards Helga Hi, I will be coming to Netherlands from India on a work permit visa. However will he will be returning to India after 10 days and would later join me back after 2 months. Will I still need to register him at town hall for first 10 days. If yes, will he have to return his residence permit while coming back to India? Is he allowed to work in India for 2 months even if he is registered as dependent in India? Hi Annelies My partner is currently doing a bezwaarschrift as my mvv got decline on reasons of work contract and his boss then gave a letter and new work contract stating that after his current contract ends 31st dec 2015 he will be appointed as a vaste aanstelling voor onbepaalde tijd from 1st Janaury 2016.

It took him seven games before he finally managed to score his first goal, against Southampton.

Slowly but surely, Bergkamp's stature grew, playing as a forward behind the main striker, Ian Wright.

It is my understanding that she is exempted from getting an mvv. Do you guys offer immigration assistance if I need to? So my question is whether that's enough evidence for my mvv to get approved this time?

And what is the minimum waiting period to get results back from IND?

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Because I wasn't married to him at the time I gave birth in Holland and he was in UK his name was not included in the certificate although we still did not marry.

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