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(German) A rehearsal on the stage where a show is to be performed, with a basic set laid out, so the director and designer can work on any staging issues to do with the size of the scenery, before it is built.1) In acoustics, a periodic variation in amplitude which results from the addition of two sound waves with nearly the same frequency. 2) The act of turning off (or fading out) stage lighting (e.g.

"This is where we go to blackout")1) Black clothing worn by stage management during productions.

Positions at the start of scenes are noted, as are all movements around the stage (using terms such as ' Gardener X DSL' meaning the Gardener crosses to downstage left.) It must be described in minute detail, but simple enough to enable anyone to read and understand it.

As well as being used to 'run the show' the prompt book is also used for the rehearsal of the understudies.

The bells are also used as a warning to FOH and bar staff that the interval is about to commence or that the show is about to end. Doesn't necessarily describe the audience layout, which can be easily reconfigured.1) Complete absence of stage lighting.

Person (male or female) whose role is to play a character other than his/her own.

Although the term 'actress' is sometimes still used for a female actor, many women prefer to have the same title as the men. The presence of mind by an actor to improvise when; 1) another actor fails to enter on cue 2) the normal progress of the play is disturbed 3) lines are forgotten 4) It may also be a bad habit developed by some actors whereby unnecessary "gags" are introduced into the dialogue.

Stages which are not end-on must often use alternative notation, sometimes based on the clock face or the points of a compass.1) Diffuse light that has been reflected from the stage, walls, cyclorama etc.

2) ' Bounce' is sometimes used for a flat (non-curved) cyclorama.

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