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Colt is definitely in a bossy mood for this video, and it’s lucky for him that Baker’s in a mood to take orders – and his big cock!Fresh off their newly minted brotherly hook up, but still waiting for their parents to officially tie the knot, Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon now find the annoying neighbor boy, Dakota Young knocking at their door.When Calvin over-hears Paul telling his friend on the phone that he thinks Calvin is cute, Calvin decides to initiate a little brotherly bonding.Cornering Paul in the sauna, Calvin’s hard on is right in Paul’s face, and he’s forced to admit that it’s been a while since he’s gotten any.By now, both Zeb and Colt know what it’s like to be the young, new, hot, big-dicked rising star at Corbin Fisher.

Their size difference works great here—Neil’s slimmer form is ideal for being thrown around and manhandled by Colt and his muscles.

This latest episode gets you right into the heart of the action, where you’ll get to see Colt’s (aka Calvin Chambers) thick cock stretch out a tight hole and a hot mouth from his own point of view!

Being on both sides of the camera at the same time has Colt in a dominant and directorial mood as he bosses our co-ed around and has his way with her.

Having to attend his father’s wedding is strange enough for Paul Canon, but when he finds out his dad’s wife-to-be has a hot son who is also staying at the house they’ve rented for the wedding weekend, he doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

On the other hand, Calvin Chambers (formerly Colt at Corbin Fisher) knows all about Paul, having already heard all about him, including his recent break up.

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Chaz had quite the introduction when Harper sucked his dick last week.

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