Recycle bin icon not updating windows 7 for wowen dating service

When the user modifies and commits a file in a UNIX sandbox, Tortoise CVS assumes that this file has UNIX line endings, and passes a "--lf" to CVSNT on the command line, which instructs CVSNT to treat the file as one with UNIX line endings.

Using Tortoise CVS together with Eclipse How do I use the protocol when the repository is on a network drive? How do I find out which version of CVS the server is running? On Win2K, I get an error about a missing entry point in How do I install the Windows Desktop Update on NT 4.0 / Win95? When I remove a file it vanishes, how do I commit it? I accidentally removed a file - how can I get it back? How can I automatically display the CVS columns in Explorer for each CVS-controlled folder? Why is RSH (.rhosts) no longer supported, and what do I do about it? Why do the overlay icons sometimes change to random graphics? Can I work on lots of modules from different repositories at once? Why do the overlay icons sometimes show the wrong status? I need to specify a different SSH port but Tortoise CVS won't let me?

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Open the Preferences dialog, you can find it on the start menu.

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