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A contract dispute led to the original Red Ranger parting ways with the show in its second season, but St.John — an experienced martial artist — couldn't keep away for long. After experiencing success at a young age, however, Pomers found herself following a path familiar to many child stars — the actress checked into treatment for anorexia nervosa in 2006.Turns out, Williams' philanthropy was dramatic enough — in 2012, it was suspected the Kellie Williams Program might have helped former Washington D. councilman Harry Thomas Jr., in a scheme to steal money from the city.Thomas is currently serving a 38-month sentence, but it remains unclear whether Williams was involved..Though his recent credits only include a small role in a TV series called 's stars, Lester, has undergone a shocking transformation thanks to duodenal switch surgery.

In fact, the former actor released his debut solo album just this January.After completing the program, Pomers jumpstarted a career in music — forming the band SCARLETT — and aimed to help similarly troubled youth by becoming an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association., von Oy jumpstarted a career in country music, releasing her first album in 2007.Though her music career never quite blossomed, her personal life did — von Oy and husband Brad Bratcher welcomed a daughter in 2012..According to the actor's website, O'Neal was approached to join a boy band formed in Florida following his days as Clarissa's best friend Sam on the Nickelodeon series.He refused, however, aiming to step away from the spotlight.

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