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But even for teetotalling vegetarians with two left feet and no interest in spectator sports, the Argentinian capital is brimming with potential.

While BA may lack the iconic landmarks of Paris, London or Rome, its visual delights are numerous.

Las Cabras This insanely popular parrilla has proven to be a great success on the overcrowded Palermo eating scene. All international flights arrive at and depart from Ezeiza (Aeropuerto Ministro Pistarini, 011 5480 6111, which is approximately 45 minutes by taxi from the city centre.

Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newberry (011 5480 3000, is Buenos Aires’ downtown airport, serving domestic destinations and Uruguay.

To define Rosario as a mini Buenos Aires is to overlook its biggest asset.

Unlike the capital, which shuns its waterways and faces squarely inland, Rosario embraces its riverside location.

Where else can you get your tango fix at practically any hour?

(Dance it, or watch it – take your pick.) Here, there’s enough beef to make the most ardent carnivore reach for a salad.

Here, we've chosen the most inspiring destinations across Argentina, including the Vineyards in Mendoza, the towering waterfalls of Iguazú and the awe inspiring glaciers around El Calafate, and singled out the most appealing hotels and restaurants in each.

Alongside the tea-coloured Río Paraná, you’ll find riverfront bars and boardwalks, residents lining up their kayaks and boats, and restaurants in which fish are a menu centrepiece, not just a hasty afterthought once all parts of a cow have been exhausted.

Rosario's much-lauded claims to fame include the city being the birthplace of both Che Guevara and the nation’s flag.

The restored interior comes complete with a grand piano and a series of leafy roof gardens and terraces.

The name, in case you were wondering, was inspired by the former owners’ cocker spaniel. Reservations are not permitted, so get there early or very late, or expect to join the throngs queuing on the pavement.

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The trip between the cities takes four hours 30 minutes by bus ( or six hours 30 minutes by train (Trenes de Buenos Aires, 0800 3333 822, Ferrocentral, 0800 1221 8736,

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