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Bernadette convinces Penny to go spy on Amy to find out more about her date.

She doesn't think that she is sneaky; because she is so short it's adorable.

Schneider and Stuart has taken over his spot in his friendship with Raj, since they are living together.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and Amy hang out at the guys' apartment and participate in a guys versus girls competition. I'll never bang a strange woman who may be underage... Please God, just this one time, help me out of this jam and I will forever be your guy." A gentle voice in the darkness says, "Okay." Startled, Richie says, "What? " The voice again, "Okay." We hear his pursuers outside.

After discussing the best approach to the task based on Sheldon's high standards, Howard thinks he has the perfect way to find that replacement to Amy.

If all goes according to Howard and Raj's eventual plan, that perfect woman for Sheldon should arrive on his doorstep by the end of the evening.

Howard also feels dejected when he learns that during his time away, his mother is having an affair with his dentist, Dr. He drops to his knees, clasps his hands together and whispers, "No no. " One of the bad guys shouts, "The shed, he's in the shed! " Bursts of gunfire from opposite directions rip through the shed just above Richie's head. As I imagine it, the people on the deck are not waving goodbye. See more » The Gist: Amy goes on her third date with Dave. Best Line: Sheldon:(last few seconds left for the girl, who's solved his puzzles,to arrive) "Oh, she's such a drama queen...

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I'll turn my life over to you, oh Lord um God, just please get me out of this!

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