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She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and later returned for Total Drama All-Stars where she was placed on the Heroic Hamsters before moving to the Villainous Vultures.

Courtney has a polarizing personality, but at her core, she thinks of herself as a born leader, which often leads to her not letting others have a chance to take control.

However, sometimes her determination ultimately leads to her own destruction.

Courtney has exceptional athletic abilities and is also capable of lifting amounts of weight much greater than her own.

In addition, she doesn't seem to be supportive of Bridgette's apparent crush on Geoff, wondering why Bridgette would be interested in a person like him.

After her team loses, she is considered for elimination, due to failing to participate in the cliff jumping challenge.

Her attempts to promote her valuable leadership skills are mostly futile.

In the end, she narrowly escapes elimination through a stroke of pure luck due to Ezekiel carelessly making a couple sexist comments, thus sparing her from elimination.

From here on in, Courtney mostly takes over leadership of the Killer Bass, often bringing up her past counselor-in-training (C. T.) experience, though her team rarely listens to her due to her bossy nature.

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