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And it's not surprising that most of these inquiries come from Americans. German Family Names - Part 1 Name Meanings - Familiennamen German Surnames (Nachnamen) and Their English Meanings Germanic Genealogy: Tracing your Germanic roots The first European surnames seem to have arisen in northern Italy around 1000 A. Ein "Ahlborn" ist jedenfalls ein "schmutziger Brunnen" von mnd. Der "Ahlborn" kommt also entweder aus dem Ort "Ahlborn" oder wohnte selbst direkt an einer "schmutzigen Quelle".

) One: First Names, Vornamen One of the most common inquiries I get concerns German names. ) "Alleu" ou "franc-alleu": du francique "ald", latin "allodium", "hritage libre de tous devoirs fodaux", y compris de droits de mutation appels "lods" (d'ailleurs toujours appels ainsi de nos jours dans le canton de Neuchtel en Suisse). Wie alle Namen kann auch "Ahlborn" natrlich auf eine Ortsbezeichnung zurckgehen. "alxo" = "wehre ab", "schtze" und "aner", "andrs" = "Mann".

(Other languages used prefixes, as in the "Fitz-", "Mac-", or "O'" found in Gaelic regions.) But in the case of the Slavic "-ke", the father's name is usually not his Christian or given name ("Peter-son", "Johann-sen") but an occupation, characteristic, or location associated with the father ("krup" = "hulking", "uncouth" "ke" = "son of" = "Krupke" = "son of the hulking one"). German Last Names with English Meanings Introduction For each Germanic surname in this glossary we have provided the English meaning, which may or may not be a surname in English.

According to the 1990 Census, German-Americans were the largest single ethnic group in the US with 57,947,374 persons or 23.3 percent of the US population claiming some form of Germanic ancestry - German, Austrian, or German Swiss. D., gradually spreading northward into the Germanic lands and the rest of Europe. Familiennamen meiner Vorfahren mtterlicherseits: Aigner | Albrecht | Ambros | Asn | Bauer | Birgig | Ebner | Egginger | Ernst | Ertl | Ettenhofer | Fischer | Geiger | Gigl | Gramann | Hrtl | Heininger | Holler | Jacob, Jakob | Kagerbauer | Klingseis | Knig | Kstlmaier | Kramer | Kramhller | Kreuzer | Kroi | Kroner | Kufner | Kurz | Lallinger | Mader | Maier | Mattschilles | Moser | Niedermaier | Nirschl | Penn | Pichlmayer | Pledl, Pletl | Phn | Prochers | Rager | Raith | Rankl | Reif | Reitberger | Rhrl | Sailer | Saxinger | Schiller | Schopf | Schreiner | Sedlmaier | Segl | Seidl | Sigl | Simmeth | Sitzberger | Stadler | Stangl | Steinbauer | S | Uttinger | Waindinger | Weber | Weinberger | Wei | Wittenzellner | Wurzer | Zeintl | Zitzler | Familiennamen meiner Vorfahren vterlicherseits: Benz | Brandl | Brunner | Delater | Gerlmaier | Heugl | Kausa / Kauser | Kerschl | Kilger | Miller | Ortmaier | Spth | Trost | Wagner | Zitzelsberger "Alexander" ist ein engl.

By 1500 the use of family names such as Schmidt (smith), Petersen (son of Peter), and Bcker (baker) was common in the German-speaking regions and all across Europe. But what about the (true) case of the Portuguese "Soares" changing to German "Schwar(t)z"?

The translation shown for a surname may not be the only possibility.

Some names are derived from Old German and may have a different meaning from that in modern German. - Also see: Top 50 German Surnames and What's in a (German) Name?

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- because an immigrant from Portugal ended up in the German section of a community and no one could pronounce his name. Some relatively famous examples of Germanic-English name alterations include "Blumenthal"/"Bloomingdale", "Bing"/"Boeing", "Stutenbecker"/"Studebaker", and "Wistinghausen"/"Westinghouse".

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