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Your i Pad should run more quickly but, if it starts bogging down, keep in mind the apps that are running at the time.Sometimes, a single app can cause the i Pad to perform poorly. You can check the Internet speed of your Wi-Fi network by using an app like Ookla's Speedtest. gets around 12 megabits-per-second (Mbps), although it is not uncommon to see speeds of 25 Mbps.It is unlikely they are causing a problem, and even if the app is streaming the music from the Internet, it shouldn't use up enough of your bandwidth to matter.However, closing out of the app won't hurt and will ensure the app isn't impacting anything. In this case, rebooting the i Pad is the best recourse.If you are experiencing a problem with your Wi-Fi connection, try moving closer to your router.If the speed increases, you may need to look into boosting your Wi-Fi range.

While a major update sometimes will actually slow the i Pad down a little, it is always a good idea to run the latest operating system.To reboot the i Pad: Wait several seconds and then boot the i Pad back up by holding down the sleep/wake button again.You will first see the Apple logo on the screen and your i Pad should boot up shortly.If you experience an app that is running slower than normal, it may sound logical to click the home button to close the app and then relaunch it.However, clicking the home button doesn't actually close out of the app.

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