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This thread has got me concerned about installing the updates that were released on 10/13Different updates may have failed for different users.I have a desktop with Vista Home Premium and Office2007. This sets your computer to a date it was still working.(soetimes the Computer ask to use another date.)Greetings from Montreal, Canada Hans (de Montgazon)I too had an update that went horribly wrong, couldn't get into Windows no matter what I tried.thank you.nabil [email protected] qqqq88 - 10/20/09 PM In reply to: pc stuck in endless updating cycle.by nabilalmasri Was it ever determined what specific update caused this?GLH from New York City I don't know if this will help you out because I'm working from a desktop.The (DSL) modem I previously had was always slow, when I changed to a router, my speed increased and the Windows updates that failed before (one update failed over thirty times)suddenly were solved.Cor Hello this is nabil almasri trying my best to share my opinion about this matter, and without going into details but rather sugesting that you use the computer original Cd that came along with the computer and its licience at the time of purchace and do asystem installation to software again from zero.

Once in save mode you can set your laptop back to the date before the painful update.It’s usually recommended to allow the software, especially if from a vendor you trust, to automatically update itself so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to check for updates.Keep your computer up-to-date and as bug-free as possible by staying on top of software updates.With my old modem I couldn't download Vista SP2, the router downloaded it with no problem.I had updates that never previously installed but now I don't have that problem. riccken that's a good point you make about the speed of your connection.

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