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But the fact is that the Krays should never have been at liberty to carry out these killings.By rights, they should have been locked up years earlier for extortion and all their other violent gangster activities.Surprisingly, given that Ron and his brother Reg had been inflicting every form of grievous bodily harm on their enemies (and even a few of their friends) for a dozen years or more, the killing of Cornell in March 1966 was the first time either of them had actually murdered someone.

In a cover-up that I can reveal went to the very doors of 10 Downing Street, the police were told to back off.

Holt was also one of the rapacious Ron's band of boy lovers.

When he reported back that he had just hooked Boothby, Ron ordered him to get to know him better. So it was that the politician and the gangster became friends.

Boothby met the Krays through another rogue politician and homosexual, Labour's Tom Driberg, a man who relished the company of criminals and rent boys and often had to be pulled out of scrapes by powerful friends.

He took Boothby to the gambling club the Krays ran in Knightsbridge, where the peer was instantly besotted by a good-looking teenager called Leslie Holt, a croupier there (as well as a cat burglar and male prostitute).

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