Who is adina howard dating

To show how much she loved her husband-to-be, Kidida got a tattoo of Tupac’s face on her arm.

But now, 15 years later, her ' Pac tattoo is covered with an image of a flower.

The two became close friends, but according to the gossip, they were more.

In a recent interview with , Perez said, “We weren’t romantically involved,” she tells XXL over the phone.

Hear from Adina and her fans as they discuss the recording artist's highlights and contributions to their lives and music.

Adina is making sure you get served whatever it is you like.

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They became close friends and later developed a professional relationship.

Steinberg worked as Pac's first manager and related to him through writing workshops she would hold in her living room.

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In the September 2011 issue of , Steinberg confessed that her attraction to ' Pac caused a rift in her marriage when her husband accused her of cheating.

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