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Commenting on reports of a separate claim by the actors for never being registered for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits, Brown said: “The first issue we need to deal with is whether they were employees or independent contractors.” He claimed the actors had not been registered for UIF, despite all South African employers being obliged to register their employees.

“When we contacted them on this issue they said the actors were not employees of the SABC or MMSV, which is why they weren’t registered for UIF,” Brown said.

The 16 took the matter to the CCMA as the Generations Actors Guild (GAG) after prior efforts to negotiate with their employers failed.

This pattern of refusal continued today as the SABC and MMSV Productions refused to settle the matter.

In a statement GAG said: “The matter will continue on to arbitration.

Meanwhile, shooting for the new-look Generations – which will be ready to air in December – will start on October 28.According to a City Press reporter that attended, French champagne and expensive whisky flowed until morning, while heaped buffets left even the most indulgent food lover begging for mercy.As they left well after , guests were presented with gifts – the women expensive perfumes, and the men Cuban cigars.Kaizer Kganyago, SABC spokesperson, confirmed last night the show would no longer be on air as of next month. Filming of the popular soap stopped on August 11 when 16 principal actors started withholding their services.The 16 demanded higher salaries and a cut of R500 million in royalties.

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They have courted controversy in the past, and faced fraud charges which have since all been withdrawn.

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